My name is Misty Marsh and I am a THRIVE Life consultant.  I take that word "consultant" seriously!  As such, I do my best to educate those who sign up for my newsletter!  In addition, as a THRIVE Life consultant, I am able to offer all THRIVE Life products (THRIVE food, Food Rotation Systems and Emergency Supplies) for the lowest possible prices. By signing up for my newsletter, you will get the following:
  • Tips and recipes that will help you use THRIVE food.  I'll teach you how to cook with it so you can save time, money and stress.
  • Tips on preparedness, water storage, and food storage.
  • Quarterly notices before products increase in price so you can make educated decisions about when to purchase.
  • Notices when THRIVE Life offers unadvertised specials through their consultants (such as this Meat and Cheese Special, or this Harvest discount).  This is typically about 8 or 9 times / year.
  • Early notices and the opportunity to pre-order during the annual Black Friday sale (Every product is on sale over Black Friday weekend.  You can save up to 55%).
  • An email around the 2nd - 5th of each month detailing the monthly specials. 
I sincerely hope you find my emails helpful as you work build Your Own Home Store without breaking the bank!  By filling out the following form, you are agreeing to receive 3-4 emails / month with tips and specials.

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